Look Who Came to Town!

SORry about the glare on the photo. I’m a writer, not a photographer. Ha.

This blog has gone through many permutations, but it started out as a decluttering blog. And it’s kind of come around again to that theme. So, I’ve been tearing through cupboards and the basement (and would tear through closets if we had any LOL) paring down, sprucing up, shifting around, and moving out.

One time, many moons ago, the man of the house decided it would be a fine idea to buy a 100-count package of shish kebab skewers. It probably was a good idea, although I think we still have about 97 of them. Anyway, recently I freed them from that cabinet and set them on the counter (I’ll just put this here for right now). I kept looking at them, trying to decide what to do with them (excitement abounds some days). Then, my friend Randi, RAN(di)OMLY posted on her facebook about how she uses skewers for all manner of tasks around the house. Eureka, I cried!

I’d always appreciated the skewer’s little cousin, the toothpick, for cleaning jobs, but I could see what a boon to mankind skewers would be for the careful, albeit infrequent, housecleaner.

The skewers have a raison d’etre in my home now. Maybe someday I’ll even make shish kebabs.

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