Intentional Blogging

As part of the path I am on to become a certified life coach, I am starting today to write a daily blog post. Ideally, I’d know just exactly what message to focus on, but I am starting today without all the details perfected.

Found out today i have a mucinous cyst on my finger. This resulted in being referred to a hand specialist, whom I will see next week. I’m definitely seeing the silver lining here though. I believe I am developing some arthritis in my hands. Who better than a hand specialist to discuss that with. My thumbnails also are giving me fits, and again, seems like a hand specialist might be just the ticket. My GP said hand specialists go through a many years of training, work only on the body from wrist to fingertips, and are always busy.

Tomorrow is the Ohio primary. My voting place is probably 100 yards from my home, so getting there is easy. What to do once I’m there is more troublesome. I will definitely vote, but I wish there was a comments section where I could let “them” know how mixed up the entire system seems to me.

I have paint on my toes, paint on my sleeve, paint on my arm, paint on my cell phone, paint on my jeans, and a little paint on the walls of my new office. I’m co-opting some of Valerie’s bedroom to use as an office space. I painted the entire room today and already love having dedicated space. We’ll see how it works for Val and me to share the space when she is home.

Last but not least in today’s news, I expect to register tomorrow for a training program, to be held in May in Florida, for aspiring Life Coaches. I feel like I did when I first stepped over the edge to rappel near Lake of the Clouds in the U.P. I loved rappelling, though, once I actually took the first step, and that’s my intention with this step as well.

3 thoughts on “Intentional Blogging

  1. Always great to read your stuff even when seemingly random. I pray for the best with your hands, and I have to agree with your thoughts on the whole political spectrum right now. Blessings my friend in your upcoming journey. I know our Maker has much for you and rewards us for stepping out in faith.


  2. Not just your politics, we are heading for a state election in Queensland with me really wanting a “None of the above” option. Way overdue for a change of government but with on opposition that does not look like its any better.

    Same in the federal sphere except the election is further off and the opposition leader seems a little less comfortable lying (but still does it) than the prime minister.

    No idea how we can get the kind of change thats needed, existing power has a very strong hold even if they swap amongst themseves occasionally.



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