Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

How We Do One Thing is How We Do Everything?

I read this quote several months ago. It was attributed to the author of this linked blog post. The statement was made, and followed up with a question: What might it mean for you if this is true? Such a gentle question invited me to consider the quote, giving myself compassion and patience for whatever came up for me.

Directly across the street, my neighbor is getting his house re-shingled. This is my neighbor who cares to make sure that every blade of grass is the same height. Retired now for several years, he takes perfect care of his home and yard. I thought of this quote when I saw his roofing crew show up yesterday. They drove professional vehicles, worked consistently and without any talk radio or music accompanying their work, and piled the bundles JUST SO on the roof. Carefully. In lines. Organized. I smiled. He found roofers to do the type of job he himself does.

What do you think? What if this statement is true? What can it teach us?

About that Extended Warranty

This printer is almost identical to mine. For all intents and purposes, let’s just say it’s the same. I bought it from a VERY helpful and knowledgeable OfficeMax employee named Dan. I’m very loyal to OfficeMax. I like being familiar with the layout and product line of a store. I can shop in unfamiliar stores, but for office supplies, it works just fine to stick with OfficeMax, and eschew Office Depot and Staples. Another thing I have typically eschewed is extended warranties. I’ve bought a few, but never used one. Today I decided to utilize the benefits of the e.w. I bought for this printer. So far, I have found out that I have a replacement plan, not a service plan; they reimburse me the original cost of the printer, but not until after I ship it back to them and then they issue a store credit for the cost, so guess who’s without a printer for minimum two weeks; and if I want to *fix* the machine, I’m on my own. So, what to do.

The issue is the yellow ink. And while the black ink may be extremely cost-efficient, the company makes up for it in the price of the colored ink. I traded in a printer at the time of purchase, so I would already be getting back $50 less than the purchase price, and I have found out that OfficeMax no longer carries this product.

What do I want? I want this printer to work. Knowing that helps me decide exactly the course of action to take.

Voted today. Got the sticker. My favorite part of voting, honestly, is seeing a friend of mine who works my polling place. It’s always nice to catch up with her, and today she was making a beautiful quilt for a baby. “You know how you get invited to baby showers at the last minute, and you don’t have time to make something nice?” she asks. Oh, yes, I say. But the truth is, I don’t know when I last went to a baby shower. Been kinda out of the loop for awhile.

Continuing to set up my new office. Wishing my girl Val was a squeakier wheel. She has been dealing with allergies, especially in her room, for quite some time. Today, I finally figured out that it’s probably very dusty in here. Brought the air purifier down here and am enjoying being able to breathe. (I, too, am allergic to dust). Actually, Val was probably squeaky enough, and I just didn’t give that squeaky wheel grease. Sometimes it takes me awhile to catch on.

And a weather update: Had spring on Sunday, winter on Monday, and we’re back to spring on Tuesday. That’s Ohio for you. This year, anyway.