How We Do One Thing is How We Do Everything?

I read this quote several months ago. It was attributed to the author of this linked blog post. The statement was made, and followed up with a question: What might it mean for you if this is true? Such a gentle question invited me to consider the quote, giving myself compassion and patience for whatever came up for me.

Directly across the street, my neighbor is getting his house re-shingled. This is my neighbor who cares to make sure that every blade of grass is the same height. Retired now for several years, he takes perfect care of his home and yard. I thought of this quote when I saw his roofing crew show up yesterday. They drove professional vehicles, worked consistently and without any talk radio or music accompanying their work, and piled the bundles JUST SO on the roof. Carefully. In lines. Organized. I smiled. He found roofers to do the type of job he himself does.

What do you think? What if this statement is true? What can it teach us?

2 thoughts on “How We Do One Thing is How We Do Everything?

  1. Hmmm… an important and insightful question. It makes me think of the idea that “behavior doesn't change” vs “behavior is different in different situations”. I also wonder whether this questions what we can or can't change about our behavior.

    I'd love to know more about the context of this idea, but unfortunately the link on your blog appears to be broken. 🙂

    More for me to think about…


  2. Mia, thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I will see if I can fix it. For me, this quote is more for illumination purposes, because I think behavior can DEFINITELY change. Considering this quote helped me connect different aspects of my life and see how habits are similar across disciplines.


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