The Eureka! Moments in our Lives

I love when the light bulb goes on, when I have an epiphany, when suddenly I Get It!

While living in Australia, I saw an old Tracey Ullmann sketch where Tracey plays an Australian golfer who’s in the US for the “June Allyson DEPENDS Open.” You can watch it here. I loved the show so much, I went to the trouble and expense of having an Australian-format video transferred to US-format, so I would always have it. Didn’t know at the time the internet would almost make videos a moot point.

So Kiki has TWO epiphanies in the sketch, and I have had an epiphany about epiphanies today. I am a deeply kinesthetic AND visual learner. I learn by doing, but I really learn by doing AND seeing. You can tell me you are going out of town next Tuesday and will be back on Friday. You can even tell me the flight arrangements. You can even use the dates. And I won’t get it nearly as well as I will if you write that information down on a piece of paper (or email) and show it to me.

Funny thing is, I have been viewing this learning style as a disadvantage! When recently planning a novel undertaking, I felt stressed about all the things I wouldn’t be able to think of ahead of time, because I learn by doing and by seeing. But then I had this light bulb moment. There are very few people, if any, who can pull something off the first time without the benefit of past experience. Learning by doing is part of the learning process itself!

Of course I love experiential learning, and it fits strongly into my educational philosophy. I wonder what my experiences are going to be like when I embrace this learning style, when I welcome it, and when I start to realize the benefits of such a style. Eureka!

What do you think about learning by doing? What made you laugh in the video I linked to?

1 thought on “The Eureka! Moments in our Lives

  1. I love learning by doing!! And seeing. 🙂 There is no substitute for experience. Taking something from a mind experience to embodiment is powerful! I so enjoyed the Tracey Ullman sketch. She cracks me up and I am in awe of her ability to fully embody such a wide range of characters. I enjoyed her body language and what it spoke about her character. I love her clever quips and how she makes every word count. Thanks for sharing! xo, mjm


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