74 things I like about my mom

Today’s my mother’s birthday. Since there are still 82 minutes left on her special day, I thought I would devote this blog post to her.

1. She’s a great laugher. She laughs easily and often.
2. As a great laugher, she is great fun to be around.
3. She taught piano when we were kids to exotic people like Holly Cassell, Steve Melink, and Alan Stubbs.
4. She made it through Bob Jones University and hasn’t had to send back her diploma yet.
5. She recovered from BJU in just under 20 years. Of course, this put the FUN in the dysfunction of our little family.
6. She had the good sense to be from Oklahoma.
7. She once killed a spider on the wall above her head … With her foot.
8. the one time I remember her going to a Reds game, she took along a book to read. Not about the Reds.
9. She is an amazing cook.
10. She loves variety almost more than anything.
11. She would totally not be mad at me if I didn’t actually come up with 74 things tonight.
12. She has a boss grand piano.
13. She totally did not kill me when, as a kid, I threw something hard across the living room and actually put a gouge in her brand new boss grand piano.
14. She denies telling me that my dad was going to spank me when he got home … With a 2×4. Think I’d deny that one too.
15. She thinks I’m amazing.
16. An amazing sense of decorating and design.
17. That you can see throughout her beautiful home.

43 minutes left and I’m only on number 18. Hey, I’m a mom of 5. What can I say.

18. She’s always excited about something she is learning.
19. I love making music with her.
20. Wait, was that one something about her?
21. She birthed three beautiful babies.
22. She played the ukulele on most of our drives out to Oklahoma.
23. She’s cheerful. Note: I did not appreciate this during my teen years.
24. She loves to organize and make everything neater and more today.
25. She’s great at pitching in on many different types of,projects.
26. Her enthusiasm is quite infectious and can make even the most curmudgeonly curmudgeon smile.
27. She loves to garden.
28. And she wants chickens.
29. I’m counting 1 as two separate things, as of now.
30. She never met a vitamin she liked for very long.
31. She never met a medication she liked for even one minute.
32. She is the BEST to walk with at Symmes Park.
33. She has a super big mailbox.
34. She managed to have all three daughters living within one mile of her and liking it.
35. Her basement is a treasure trove.
36. She tends to see the best side of everyone and everything.
37. She looooooooves Tuesday Mornings.
38. She’s always keen to learn new things.
39-73. You’ll have to check with me in person on these.
74. She loves life and makes it fun for those around her.

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!,

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