Daily Archives: March 17, 2012

Learning to ask better questions

Have you ever had one of those times when a few annoying things happened on top of one another, and as they occurred, you found yourself bringing to mind other annoyances and irritations, and feeling, well, annoyed and irritated? I have.

And the truth is, sometimes I prefer to stay annoyed and irritated rather than doing what it is going to take to put myself into a more resourceful place. For me, I always have such complicated “logistics” with my family, that I don’t always respond well when my logistical efforts are thwarted by finding out I had insufficient information when planning.

Today, when that happened and my darn Bluetooth was acting up just as I needed to make a telephone call, I just wanted to keep feeling annoyed and irritated. It was my right! I deserved to be mad!

Some really unhelpful questions arose in my mind: Why does this always happen? Why shouldn’t I feel angry in this case? And then, a really helpful question was suggested to me.

Does it serve me to remain in the anger and annoyance?

Nope. It didn’t. Holding on to the aggravation wasn’t going to really give me what I was wanting. Getting in touch with what I DID want made it so much easier to let go of the aggravation. I was reaching for something else. Going toward something.

Do you ask whether something serves you? (or words to that effect?) What do you think about trying it?