Random thoughts

I haven’t watched any college basketball this month. I think it’s cool that there are people who have the time to do so, especially with a completed bracket!

I spent the evening at the Cincinnati Waldorf School Gala, of which my beautiful sister, Mindy, was the co-chair. I was there as a volunteer and observer. My volunteer duties were slight; I enjoyed my observations. Seems the school has some pretty special things going on. They are lucky to have Mindy.

When Kepler and I go to library twice a week, he checks out five DVDs and ten books. He doesn’t usually watch all of the DVDs, but I enjoy checking out many books and movies in order to do what I can to boost my branch’s circulation.

My hand surgery is scheduled for Monday morning to remove that mucinous cyst. I wonder what it will be like to have limited use of that finger for a couple of weeks.

I know this post is less meaty than usual. I have a goal to blog on a daily basis, so some days are going to be great blogging days, and others might not be. I can tell you that blogging before the clock strikes twelve is not a surefire path to brilliance. But I am doing what I can at the moment. Hang In there. I know there will be improvements very soon!

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