Daily Archives: March 21, 2012

On a College Visit!

And not just any old college, either! Greg and I have brought Valerie to visit our alma mater, Wheaton College. Such a beautiful campus and so many great memories of our time here. There’s something so sweet about rounding the corner and seeing the big Wheaton College sign on front campus.

Since the majority of Valerie’s scheduled events occur tomorrow, we checked the event calendar for tonight and discovered that Gilbert Mielander was speaking tonight, in a free lecture on campus. I didn’t exactly know who he was, but I had heard his name. His topic: The Dgnity of the Human Person. I will let the meat of that lecture stew overnight and blog about it tomorrow.

Valerie loves this campus so far. She’s going to visit classes tomorrow, experience Chapel, have a campus tour and spend the night in a dorm.

She will find out the outcome of her application in early April. If accepted, she will transfer here as a sophomore this fall. We are praying toward that end.