Daily Archives: April 10, 2013

The Wilderness of your Intuition

I’m nearing the end of listening to Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking, Fast and Slow.  It reminds me somewhat of my Social Psychology class in college which was heavily research based, and we went over study after study after study … after study. However, Kahneman comes to some important conclusions in his book about how we actually make decisions.

Although listening to this data-filled book is challenging, I am finding it fascinating to learn so much about our thought processes.

Kahneman says that much of what we think of as intuition is more appropriately based on something tangible such as familiarity. On a multiple choice test, I agree that “John Adams” might look like the right answer because he’s the only name I recognize!

My very favorite author, Adrian Plass, is a lovable, somewhat bumbling man who is just trying to get it right. Once when he is trying to figure out if he is hearing “God’s voice,” he decides to write down a random thought that comes into his head: “Buy a tree frog and call it Kaiser Bill.” Hilarity ensues when his wife finds the note in his pocket and looks at him with her loving look. (Oh, Adrian.)

Random thoughts are not what I am talking about. Rather, the questions I listen to my intuition on are things like:

What do I feel is the next step to take regarding this issue?
What does my intuition tell me about joining this group?
What am I feeling about what to do about this situation?
What would I do here if I were unafraid, and unattached to the outcome?
What word do I want to focus on for this blogpost?

As I pondered the idea of intuition, I realized that whereas I used to think intuition was a magical thought that jumped into my brain to give me “the answer” about something, I now believe it is much more of a sense having to do with something I want to do or do not want to do. When I turn to my intuition, I trust that the choice I make will be the best one.

Where do you most use intuition in your life? What does intuition give you? What do you believe about trusting your intuition?