Daily Archives: April 13, 2013

L is for Lighthearted

(Photo credit: MaryStori.com This is a photo of a quilt she has for sale. I do not know Mary, but I love her quilt!)

Cheerful and carefree.
Joel D. (designer of this blog …  15 years ago)

Yesterday, I was looking through hundreds of physical photos for a few shots for my K blog post, and I came across many, many pics of the kids when they were little. You can see in this smile a cheerful and carefree boy. 

Original painting by Paul Brink

I know that feeling. My energy is moving upward and outward, I am smiling or have a smile just about ready to peek out, and I feel the joy that comes from being in this state.

What makes a person lighthearted? Your answer may be different, but these are the things that makes this author lighthearted:

Open hands. 
An openness to things as they unfold. 
A looseness in my gait and my expectations. 
Being curious. 
A willingness to experiment with new ideas, even about old problems.
Landing like a cat when I walk.
Breathing, especially fresh air.
Focusing on what I’m grateful for.
Helping make someone else’s load lighter. (not always!)
Being compassionate with myself. 
Relaxed, soft knees.
Music I love. 
Unexpected acts of kindness.
And speaking of your answer maybe being different, what are the things that make you feel lighthearted?