L is for Lighthearted

(Photo credit: MaryStori.com This is a photo of a quilt she has for sale. I do not know Mary, but I love her quilt!)

Cheerful and carefree.
Joel D. (designer of this blog …  15 years ago)

Yesterday, I was looking through hundreds of physical photos for a few shots for my K blog post, and I came across many, many pics of the kids when they were little. You can see in this smile a cheerful and carefree boy. 

Original painting by Paul Brink

I know that feeling. My energy is moving upward and outward, I am smiling or have a smile just about ready to peek out, and I feel the joy that comes from being in this state.

What makes a person lighthearted? Your answer may be different, but these are the things that makes this author lighthearted:

Open hands. 
An openness to things as they unfold. 
A looseness in my gait and my expectations. 
Being curious. 
A willingness to experiment with new ideas, even about old problems.
Landing like a cat when I walk.
Breathing, especially fresh air.
Focusing on what I’m grateful for.
Helping make someone else’s load lighter. (not always!)
Being compassionate with myself. 
Relaxed, soft knees.
Music I love. 
Unexpected acts of kindness.
And speaking of your answer maybe being different, what are the things that make you feel lighthearted? 

7 thoughts on “L is for Lighthearted

  1. Today's example would be kids telling jokes that make no sense but they think it's funny…. in general getting up early to watch a sunrise with a loved one always makes me feel light hearted 🙂


  2. When I laugh at my own supposed cleverness, I feel lighthearted. I'm probably really just being silly…

    Truly lighthearted for me is when the cares of the world feel far away, which sadly seems rather rare. The trick is finding the balance–light of heart, but with a full understanding of all that weighs the world down.

    Lovely post.


  3. Another beautiful post, Susan! A lighthearting post…

    Lightheartedness yesterday was discovering an art exhibition and finding myself at times alone with works of art that spoke to my soul. I felt at the same time lighthearted, vibrant and so alive!

    Thank you for the smiles you bring me, Susan, they are gifts.


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