Daily Archives: April 16, 2013

N is for Namaste

The first time I stumbled into a yoga class and anxiously tried to match the motions of the teacher, I was all arms go here and this leg goes . . . here and, oh, how do i get my head over there? I was so relieved when the class came to a close. “Namaste,” she said. I recognized the word, but I didn’t know why I knew it or what it meant.

In the recent 21 Day Meditation Challenge on Perfect Health, Deepak Chopra talked each day about that day’s centering thought. He ended each day’s meditation time with a gentle “Namaste.”

I could sense that there was some sort of connection inherent in the word, but didn’t really know any more than that.

Google, here I come.
Imagine my delight at discovering a deeply respectful gesture and word that is all about connecting with the spirit of another.

I’ve long wanted a gesture that would become widely used and loved that we could use in traffic (for positive things!), or when seeing an acquaintance across a crowded auditorium, or to anyone with whom we would like to show respect graciously and without words.

(Of course, there’s already ONE gesture that is often used in traffic, but that one has a pretty different “feel” about it.)

Do you use this word or gesture? What would it be like to adopt it as your own? What other ways do you find yourself connecting on a deep level with someone?

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