O is for Optimal: The Optimus Prime of Health

Isn’t Optimus Prime an excellent name? All of his stellar characteristics as a Transformer aside, I like the sound of it in relation to the idea of Optimal Health. “I’m looking for Optimus Prime in all the areas of my life.”

Optimal Health traditionally covers six separate areas, but I prefer Coach for Life’s categories: Physical well-being, Primary relationship, Interpersonal relationships, Personal development, Physical surroundings, Rest and relaxation, Profession, and Finances. 
I’ve devised a flowchart for you to use to consider your own health in each of these areas.

Choose category: Rest and Relaxation
Rank current satisfaction level: 6
Define what current level means to you: I sleep well, and get time to myself on the weekend.
Rank desired satisfaction level: 9
Define what desired level means to you: I sleep well, and get time to myself on the weekend, and I get a monthly massage. I meditate daily as a means of enjoying a relaxed state.
What will it take to get there: Schedule the massage appointment, download those meditations I was considering, and begin to implement them every day.

What category will you start with? What does Optimal Health mean to you?

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2 thoughts on “O is for Optimal: The Optimus Prime of Health

  1. Dear Susan,
    just today I was thinking why can't some people understand the simplest messages? Why did I have so much trouble letting go of drama in my early twenties, and how can I make it easier for others. Then, I see your most simple of plans, and there are parts of that chart I don't even want to even admit that I need to think about, and my instant reaction was to pretend it's not that simple, or look only at what I am satisfied with and ignore the rest… What I really want you to know is that you got me thinking 🙂


  2. Ida, thank you for taking time to comment on this post. I am glad to know it got you to thinking. I hadn't considered that maybe this might be something people wouldn't really want to delve into. That was a helpful perspective!

    PS. I will be posting about the Liebster award on Wednesday.


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