U is for an Unexpected Honor: The Liebster Blog Award

Little did I know when I began this AtoZ Blog Challenge that I would meet such wonderful people. Ida Chiavaro, blogger at Reflex Reactions, is one of those people. Not only does she write a wonderfully thought-provoking blog, but she graciously nominated me for my first ever blog award, the liebster blog award.

Answer 15 questions from my nominator

1. What is the nicest thing anyone ever said to me? When I asked Bono if I could get a photo with him, he said, “Of course.”

2. Something my parents taught me: Laughter is the best medicine.

3. Have I ever dreamed of celebrities or famous people? Yes, U2 have been in my dreams a few times.

4. Do I have any quirks, rituals or superstitions? I like to look for my first name in the credits of movies. If it’s a movie I like and my name is there, I take that as a good sign. If it’s a movie I didn’t like, and my name is there, I pretend like there’s nothing to it!

5. What’s the most amazing thing I have seen in the sky? Hands down, Northern Lights.

6. What’s the craziest thing I have done with my hair? On a total whim my senior year in high school, I went and got a perm that well-and-truly gave me an afro.

7. Have I ever seen a baby being born? Yes and no. I’ve been awake and unmedicated for my own five births, but was too scared to actually LOOK at the moment of birth, not to mention too busy.

8. Have I ever been with someone when they died? I was with my sisters at my dad’s bedside when he died.

9. Have I ever had a strange experience that I just can’t explain? At the first college I went to which shall forever remain unnamed, I was lonely and homesick. Coming out of the campus post office one day when my post office box was just as empty as could be, I had a sense that I was receiving an actual hug from someone who I could not see. I could feel the hug.

10. Am I an excellent speller, bad speller, or thought I was good but use spell check a lot? I used to be an excellent speller (well, except for façade — see below), but years of looking at misspellings and misuse of words on the internet has eroded my skills somewhat.

11. Do I have/have I had any pet(s)? Pick a favourite. I have no pets at this time. I learned from my father that animals were mostly pests, and I’m still looking forward to the day when I have a pet that I truly, deeply, madly love.

12. Where is question 12? There was no question 12. 🙂

13. What was the last thing I said out loud? “I think Dad is going to do something with you.”

14. Where am I sitting while I write this? I am sitting in my office at my desk, which is in a room I share with Kepler as his bedroom.

15. What does/do my name/names mean? Susan means “lily” in Hebrew. Depending on where you look, my name refers to motherhood, and to innocence. I was named after my father’s great-aunt Sue, who filled in as a mother to dad’s cousin. I never met her.

11 Facts about Myself

1. I was responsible for little black footprints on my parents’ sidewalk because I ran across the just-refinished driveway (age 3). The footprints stayed for many, many years.

2. After winning the school spelling bee in 8th grade, I went to the next round — the all-city written test. Having never heard the word façade pronounced aloud, I spelled it “pissade” because I couldn’t figure out what in the world they were saying. (I did not move on to the next round!)

3. I once drove a combine during wheat harvest, but only for a few minutes. I felt pretty powerful!

4. My 3rd grade teacher sent me to stand in the hall because I suggested that “Little Red Hen” was a story for babies. Oh, she did not have patience for much of anything. I always wondered what was up with her.

5. I was a glorious flop on the diving team, although I had been “recruited” because of my notable diving.

6. One of my nicknames is “Tech Support @ Home” because I help my husband with all manner of technical issues, but mostly with his phone.

7. I was accused of shoplifting once. This is hilarious because I would be the last person in the world to steal something. The store gave me a $250 gift certificate in apology.

8. Caramel, not butterscotch, is my most favorite flavor.

9. I eat pie as an excuse to have real whipped cream.

10. I don’t smoke, because the one time I tried it in high school, it made me nauseous, and that’s all it took to put me off cigs permanently.

11. Mild-mannered me once went to a bowling alley where my sister was participating in a “lock-in” program and YELLED at the doorman to let me have my sister. Amazingly, he did.

11.2 Questions for my nominees:

1. What’s one thing you have done that most people haven’t?

2. What are three of your most treasured items?

3. What is one of your favorite lines from a movie?

4. What is your favorite food to eat with chopsticks?

5. Does fashion matter to you? In what way(s)?

6. What is one thing you are sure of?

7. What do you think of inside/outside the box thinking?

8. Where in your life do you value simplicity?

9. Where in your life do you value luxury?

10. Do you have any quirks, rituals, or superstitions?

11. If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

Finally, my 11 nominees for a Liebster Blog Award:
1. Lottie Nevin at LottieNevin.com. Her photographic blog about her life in Indonesia is breathtaking.
2. Anne Mackle at Is Anyone There. She has tackled “Staying Fabulous and Fit after 50” for this blog challenge. Well done!
3. Cynthia Reed at Reed Writes. The last AtoZ post she published was “M” but I love her writing and her stories.
4. The Mom Chef at Taking on Magazines one Recipe at a Time. The Mom Chef isn’t participating in the #AtoZChallenge, but her writing is so friendly and personal, it’s like she’s writing to each reader individually. And the recipes are amazing, too!
5. Philip Stasyszen at Peaceably Sown. Philip has a wonderfully honest writing style with a lot of heart.
6. Kate at I Heart Suburbia. Kate’s writing and life are both honest and inspiring.
7. Jennifer at Infant Intelligentsia. Jennifer’s writing inspires me, as a mother, as an advocate of Down syndrome, and as a woman.
8. Shelly at Life on the Wild Side. I love reading about Shelly’s life as a wife, mother, blogger, and teacher.
9. Bharani at One Side Paper. Extremely creative original sketches of animals doing yoga poses.
10. Joanne at In which We Start Anew. Gorgeous design and very welcoming.
11. Lynda at Lynda Grace An Hour Away. I found Lynda through the #AtoZBlog Challenge and very quickly came to love her writing and her style.

The nominations are freely given, with no strings attached. It is up to the individual blogger whether or not to accept and participate. I just wanted these eleven people to know I appreciate their blogs and their style. And, thanks again to Ida for including me in this very fun experience!

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11 thoughts on “U is for an Unexpected Honor: The Liebster Blog Award

  1. I actually popped by your blog because the lovely Ida nominated you for a Liebster – fancy that it was the day that you posted your response!

    I laughed out loud when I read “pissade.” I was always the top speller in school, but we never had actual spelling bees. I was such a shy kid, though, that I likely would have completely choked up if I had to stand in front of people and spell!

    Cheers from Brandy at http://brandysbustlings.blogspot.ca/


  2. Susan, thank you so much for including me in with this list of amazing bloggers. I am honored.

    As soon as I read question 10, my immediate response was, 'You'd better say that you're an excellent speller!' I remember that much at least.


  3. Susan, this is so much fun! I actually love answering questions about myself, so I will do this . . . probably next week.

    Thanks so much for including me–I sure don't deserve it!


  4. Siouxsie, I am bowled over by your kind words and for nominating me! WOW

    Congratulations to YOU also for your nomination – you totally deserve it.

    I think my most favourite part of blogging is meeting new people – I'm so glad to have connected with you in this way.

    Many thanks again! You've made my day 😀


  5. I love learning about bloggers through these kinds of Q&As, and also seeing who they nominate, too!

    I will have some fun with the Liebster post-A-Z, thanks to Ida and her awards!


  6. I also meant to say I laughed out loud at the idea of telling the teacher that the Little Red Hen was for babies. My first thought was that she must have been going through menopause! Ha.


  7. Brandi, I'm glad you thought that was funny. I realized after that that I had been pronouncing it Fuh-Kayed. 🙂

    Mom Chef — you are welcome!

    Shelly — Ah, but you do. Liebster means Lovely, and your blog (and you!) definitely fit the description!

    Lottie and Anne — 🙂


  8. Look at the fun I missed while I was away… I want to give the little pissade girl a hug, and have a hearty laugh with the fukayed girl. There are so many wonderful questions answers and fact in this piece that I have thoughts on but for now I will just say what a lovely sense of humour, quirks and insights you have 🙂


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