On the road again

Is “intermittent reinforcement” a thing? I remember something from my Intro to Psych class about how that kind of reinforcement kept the rats coming back for more. I’m happy to report that I am smarter than those rats.

The Internet at our undisclosed location this week was frustratingly intermittent, and although I persevered the first few days, there wasn’t enough sand for me to stare at my phone more than I already was. Hence, my silent blog for the past few days.

I didn’t even realize how much I needed a vacation. It probably took a good three days before I began to unwind. Guess I was the proverbial frog in the water near boiling. Smarter than a rat, but denser than a frog. Going on vacation to a beloved spot turned the burner off and I could stop fighting once the boiling had subsided.

A week later, I am transformed. To be continued …

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