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The Joy of Blogging


My first blog began March 24, 2008, at It has been primarily an online journal that I have shared with others.

This new blog, ClearingSpace4Joy, is going to be more about you, and less about me. For you this means practical content that you can use today, as well as access to all kinds of parenting and life resources. We will cover topics such as asking powerful questions, focusing on progress rather than perfection, reducing the clutter in our lives, and provide links to other sites of people who offer great value to their readers.

Join me on this journey by subscribing to my blog so that you experience a little more joy in a short amount of time.  I look forward to hearing from you.

In Joy,


Your Solutions, Your Yes

What questions are simmering in your mind today? Wondering about a challenging situation? Wishing you could change something about yourself or your response to a situation?

Welcome to AskSusanTaylor.

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