Why I Like the Drunk Ex-Pastors and Their Podcast

Does anybody else care where they heard about a book or a movie or a podcast? I often like to know this because consuming the particular media may give me a connection with the recommender. Most often, I can’t remember where I heard about books, and I certainly can’t remember how in the world I came across Drunk Ex-Pastors, but I’m glad I did.

The DXP are Christian Kingery and Jason Stellman. Both migrated northward to the state of Washington from California, where they had met in high school and followed a similar path together, becoming pastors for the “Calvary Chapel.” Together they went overseas and became Calvary Chapel missionaries, but were ultimately fired as missionaries. 
Their podcast is a glimpse into their 25-year friendship, which has as a standing appointment, a Thursday evening get-together to share a few drinks and watch some TV. Jason’s brother suggested last summer that the guys might find an audience for their musings, humor, and appreciation of liquor. Seems his brother may be on to something there.
Although both are ex-pastors, Christian is also an ex-Christian. Jason is an ex-Protestant, having converted to Catholicism a couple years ago. So they have some very interesting conversations. I think it is very cool that their friendship has been through thick and thin and is still as strong as it is.

Listening to them talk and laugh reminded me of being with my sister. I suggested to her that we start our own podcast. She thought we should call it drunk ex-fatties. I haven’t checked with DXP to see if they mind, but I’ll remind them that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Here’s their latest podcast. It is number 26, and the whole series is quite a ride. NOT for the faint of heart or those bothered by profanity. But, boy, if you ever walked down the aisle at church because you were nearly scared to death by someone YELLING about hellfire and damnation, you might just appreciate these guys. I sure do.

Give them a listen. If you dare!

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