We are Meant to be Hungry

Just finished a book by Lionel Shriver today. Titled Big Brother, it’s the story of a brother and sister who are reunited for a time in their 40’s. I chose the book because I had recently watched the movie version of her book,  “We Need to Talk about Kevin,” a powerful story starring the sublime Tilda Swindon.

Near the end of the book, the main character, Pandora, is reflecting on her story and she says, “We are meant to be hungry.” That sentence stopped me right in my tracks. Am I hungry?

When I’m hungry for authentic expression, I write.
When I’m hungry for the joy of movement, I run.
When I’m hungry for intimacy, I try again to overcome obstacles to it.
When I’m hungry for novelty, I reach beyond my comfort zone.

Hunger is different from deprivation. Hunger is different from greed. And hunger is different from boredom. Hunger is a truly legitimate need reflecting a condition in which we recognize we want more of something that will sustain us, nourish us, refresh us.

What are you hungry for today?

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