A Little Kepler Story

I dragged myself to the grocery store little clinic yesterday where I was given the good news that I don’t have the flu, but the less good news that I have strep throat.

The young nurse practitioner’s white coat was near bursting its buttons. Made me wonder if she had gained weight since she proudly received her coat embroidered with her name and CNP. She called me hon, over and over.

So, today, day three of the illness, my best nurse had to leave on a jet plane. I’m on my own. Kepler is here and my 16yo daughter is here, but she is sleeping hard, having been at a show choir comp this weekend. She’ll surface eventually.

Kepler may be 9, and he may have been born with Down syndrome, but he’s a wonderful person to have around when you’re sick.

He came in a few minutes ago and sang me an original song:

Go seep
You’re sweet
Mom and Kepler

I feel better already.

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