Daily Archives: February 15, 2015

Our Little Superstar

One of the reasons I worked so hard to get well this week is because Kepler’s dance competition was today. He had a Christmas concert in December, this competition today, and then there will be a final recital in May. It’s not like we could really miss any of them.

JamFest National Competition was today. Kepler’s dance troupe is called The Star Performance Superstars. There are about 24 dancers from the tiniest girls and boys to young women in their early 20’s. All of the Superstars have some type of developmental delay or disability. Every Superstar dancer has a dance mentor who works with him or her on and off stage. Kepler’s mentor is a wonderful young woman called Kelsey. Here’s the photo journal of Kepler’s experience today.

note the red shoelaces!
a total Valentine’s surprise for all the dancers

as Kepler would say, “APPISE!”

enjoying himself wherever he is

the big move: “Lift and spin Kepler”

jamming to the beat

excited to see Mom!

Look at my medal, Mom!

Espies sister and gives her a big smile

I’ll see you again soon, fans.

Proud of his work and his award.

A Few Questions Raised by my Experience at a Dance Competition

The auditorium was divided into two performance halls. The music pounded; spotlights flashed in every direction; the door boasted a sign that advised the audience of the use of strobe lights. Every dancer there was doing his or her best. Toes pointed. Highest jumps. Big, big smiles. All day. For two days.

Toward what end, I wonder?

Many teams wear eye shadow guards, which press down on their eyelids and cause headaches after several hours of trying to keep their eyes wide open. The sparkle factor is out of control. Sequins on every square inch of torso; jewels glued to the faces; heavy makeup on the tiniest tykes; glittering pom-poms for team after team.

Dance comps must be a huge boon for the hairspray industry, as those hairdos were stiff as concrete, and all about that updo.

It must be exciting to be on a team. I think I would have gravitated to such a thing had they been around in my childhood, but I doubt my parents would have thought it a good idea, either from a financial or otherwise point of view.

What’s in store for these perfect little bodies that put themselves through such hard, hard practice and work and must be so energetic. Is there any downside to putting on SUCH a huge show? Do they feel letdown afterward? As they drive home, without the pounding bass, the flashing lights, the applause, the constant overstimulation, do they feel tired?

Is it just that I’m a practical, tired, old, introverted person? Or is there something out of balance in the excess that is dance competitions? Should we do it just because we can? Should we do more just because we haven’t expired from the exertions of the day? Is there still a higher fever pitch that these girls can whip themselves into for the next competition?

I Turned My Phone Off Last Night

image by poof-geek on deviantart.com

Last night, I turned my phone OFF at 9:30 pm. Off, not airplane mode. Off, not do not disturb. Off, not do not vibrate on silent. Just for a point of reference, I think the last time my phone was off at night was approximately 4 years ago.

Things I did not do in the night:
See the little red circle with a number urging me to check Facebook for notifications.
Check email just one more time.
Whip through 20 games of solitaire while listening to something.
Do some sudoku to keep my brain sharp. (lol)
Pick up my phone.
Google something. 
Write a blog post.
Add to my grocery list.
Look at Twitter.
Listen to a podcast.
Check tomorrow’s schedule.
Respond to a text.
Buy something.
Pay a bill.
Transfer money.
Check the time.
Watch a movie.
Click on a link.
Excite my brain.
Stimulate my brain.
Mess with my circadian rhythm.
Thing I did do in the night:

Are you keeping your phone on at night? Using it as an alarm? A Clock? Take a minute now and ask your brain if it would like to rest from that light and noise at night. We’ve got to shut down and unplug and rest¬†sometimes. How do you do that?¬†