I Turned My Phone Off Last Night

image by poof-geek on deviantart.com

Last night, I turned my phone OFF at 9:30 pm. Off, not airplane mode. Off, not do not disturb. Off, not do not vibrate on silent. Just for a point of reference, I think the last time my phone was off at night was approximately 4 years ago.

Things I did not do in the night:
See the little red circle with a number urging me to check Facebook for notifications.
Check email just one more time.
Whip through 20 games of solitaire while listening to something.
Do some sudoku to keep my brain sharp. (lol)
Pick up my phone.
Google something. 
Write a blog post.
Add to my grocery list.
Look at Twitter.
Listen to a podcast.
Check tomorrow’s schedule.
Respond to a text.
Buy something.
Pay a bill.
Transfer money.
Check the time.
Watch a movie.
Click on a link.
Excite my brain.
Stimulate my brain.
Mess with my circadian rhythm.
Thing I did do in the night:

Are you keeping your phone on at night? Using it as an alarm? A Clock? Take a minute now and ask your brain if it would like to rest from that light and noise at night. We’ve got to shut down and unplug and rest sometimes. How do you do that? 

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