Our Little Superstar

One of the reasons I worked so hard to get well this week is because Kepler’s dance competition was today. He had a Christmas concert in December, this competition today, and then there will be a final recital in May. It’s not like we could really miss any of them.

JamFest National Competition was today. Kepler’s dance troupe is called The Star Performance Superstars. There are about 24 dancers from the tiniest girls and boys to young women in their early 20’s. All of the Superstars have some type of developmental delay or disability. Every Superstar dancer has a dance mentor who works with him or her on and off stage. Kepler’s mentor is a wonderful young woman called Kelsey. Here’s the photo journal of Kepler’s experience today.

note the red shoelaces!
a total Valentine’s surprise for all the dancers

as Kepler would say, “APPISE!”

enjoying himself wherever he is

the big move: “Lift and spin Kepler”

jamming to the beat

excited to see Mom!

Look at my medal, Mom!

Espies sister and gives her a big smile

I’ll see you again soon, fans.

Proud of his work and his award.

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