A Problem; A Potential Solution — FAT TUESDAY series, Part 2

Last Tuesday, I posted about my past and present relationship with food. Today is part 2 of the FAT TUESDAY series, which is focusing on my present and future relationship with food.

There have been baby steps this week, as well as some examples of grace, generosity, and gratitude.

One of my biggest realizations came this morning as I flew from activity to activity. This is what I do with food.

I don’t schedule my eating, or really do much planning. LaRosa’s has made thousands of dollars from me because of my lack of meal planning. I eat when it’s handy. I eat when I think of it. I eat when something sounds good. And I eat when I’m hungry. And then I get to a point where I think if I eat another thing, I’m going to explode in front-loop-colored pieces of anguish. That’s when I draw a line in the sand, go on a diet, lose some weight, absolutely commit to regular exercise.

That’s what I do with my schedule, too. I see so many things that look good. Volunteering, clubs, social events, meetings, lunches. And I say yes and I say yes and I say yes and I say yes. Eventually, my schedule, like my body, gets absolutely stuffed with activities and that’s when I get to a point where I think if I schedule another thing, I’m going to explode in pencil-mark-covered DayTimer page pieces. That’s when I tend to withdraw from multiple activities and go back to something manageable that includes rest and space.

All the activity yesterday and today has been necessary, or important, or fun, or timely. So, it’s not like I’m at a casino spending 20 hours on a slot machine, or binge-watching True Detective.

Without a plan, both my schedule and my eating repeatedly get completely out of control.

Too many shiny distractions keep me overstuffed and overcommitted. Time to get friendly with a plan.

2 thoughts on “A Problem; A Potential Solution — FAT TUESDAY series, Part 2

  1. Dear Susan,
    I still love reading/visiting your blog. Thank you for writing!!! I miss you! It would be fun to visit with you in person sometime soon. Any chance you'll be coming up to HRC this summer? Love you friend!


  2. I look forward every day to what you are going to say in your blog. I love this as much as I do Downton Abby! And what great insight you receive as you put it down on “paper”. Please continue on.


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