Daily Archives: March 5, 2015

Another Snow Day!

I half expected another snow day today, as the skies poured rain yesterday, which eventually turned to snow. As the temperature dropped, it became evident that we would be dealing with both ice and snow today. Sure enough, no school.

I was with some parents recently and one of them gritted her teeth multiple times as she described the power struggles she was in with her daughter (Down syndrome). I felt for her, as I have been there, done that, more than I would have liked. Truthfully, though, I have learned that power struggles pretty much are a losing proposition. Kids just don’t respond positively to parents getting more and more intense, more and more DETERMINED to make the child do this thing, damn it.

So, I’ve had the opportunity to learn some different ways to approach Kepler when it comes to getting him to do something that needs to be done. I realized yesterday that my efforts are paying off. I wondered if they ever would, but he is getting more compliant.

As he has gotten more compliant and I have gotten more relaxed, I have been able to really celebrate his sweet personality, his sense of humor, and his love of doing things together. He patiently waited this morning while I jumped on the rebounder, then joyfully joined in while I washed a few windows. I have much desk work to do today, but he wanted to play a game with me on his iPad, so I said yes. (Important vs Urgent).

He chose Toca Boca Kitchen. You can watch the trailer here. His character decided to cut up a pineapple and eat the entire thing. All of the Toca Boca apps are really cute, and he loves them. While I watched, a light bulb appeared above my head! I have a pineapple in my refrigerator that needs to be cut up.

So, carpe-ing the diem, I invited Kepler to help me cut

up my real pineapple. I’m not even sure if he has even touched a real pineapple before, so we explored it first.
I remembered that the outside of the pineapple represents the fibonacci number sequence, but I just kept that little tidbit to myself.

I am continually amazed at what happens when I get in there and do something new. He used a sharp knife (Cutco, the best!) to cut off the outside of the pineapple. And this little man who eats only the fewest of foods licked his finger of the pineapple juice. He didn’t decide to go ahead and take a bite of the fruit, but any food that gets into his mouth that hasn’t been there before is a huge win in my book.

I would have loved to video the process, but only had enough hands to help guide his hand, and hold the pineapple. His enthusiasm and joy is just so heart-warming, though.

After we did all the cutting, we ended up with this:

Now, I’m sure none of the rest of y’all have ever bought a pineapple and not gotten around to cutting it up until it was too late, but, alas, I have. So, it was extra sweet today to get this job done, and all the pineapple bagged up and put into the freezer for future smoothie use. 
All of this because I said yes to playing a game with him on his iPad, even though my desk work was tapping its foot and yelling mean things at me. 
What important thing can you say yes to today?

Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2015

A couple years ago, I participated in my very first blog challenge: Blogging from A to Z. Held every April, the challenge is quite a lot of fun. I met some wonderful people throughout the world during my first experience and I am still in contact with some of them, either via blog or in some cases, Facebook.

The idea is that each blogger blogs 26 days in April, taking off Sundays, and connects each day to a letter of the alphabet. April 1 is for A, April 2 is for B, etc. You can choose a theme, or just blog in a random manner, as long as your subject coordinates to the letter for that day.

I’ve signed up again this year. I’m already blogging on a daily basis currently, and I look forward to the encouragement and fun that this next blog challenge will bring.

I have also signed up to be one of the minions who each visit a small group of blogs every day to make sure that everyone’s blog gets traffic during the challenge. I’m part of the Holton’s Heroes group of blog assistants.

This year’s schedule is as follows:

If you already have a blog, I would like to cordially invite you to join into this blog challenge. If you have been thinking about blogging, now is a great time to jump in!

You can find out how to register, and much more, right here!