Baby Steps on the Road to Healthy Living — FAT TUESDAY, Part 3

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about being lost in the wilderness when it comes to food. In part two of the FAT TUESDAY series, I blogged about having a plan, or the lack thereof. The wilderness seems to be the default place for me to be, so I haven’t gotten to anything like the bottom of the emotional issue yet, but the resources are right here, inside me, and I am pressing forward.

Each day is a new canvas, waiting for me to paint. Most pictures start off going great guns, with a planned breakfast smoothie chock full of organic fruits and veggies, pure protein powder, and a healthy shake powder mix. I love the process of putting all the layers into the blender and then watching them whir into the purple/green mixture. There are no downsides to my morning smoothie. So I’m usually good until noon every day.

After writing for 20 minutes off-line this morning, the next steps have become evident to me. The first step is to eat the perimeter of the grocery store. At my store, that includes the fruits/vegetables, health food section, meats, and dairy. It also includes the bread section, which isn’t typically part of what “they” mean when they say to eat the perimeter. I believe I will leave that in for now, as I tend to sproing back in reaction overmuch when my body senses denial/deprivation.

My second baby step is to keep a record of everything I eat. I won’t list it all here, but anyone who wants to know anything is welcome to ask. There might even be someone who would like to be a type of accountability buddy for me, but the baby step right now is just to write it all down.

Are baby steps adequate? I’ve crashed and burned way too many times when making things too austere. We shall see. Thanks for witnessing my journey.

What baby step might you take today to further your goals? What can I do to support you in that?

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