I Think I Might Have Found my "WHY" — FAT TUESDAY, Part 4

Things I have tried to manage and maintain a healthy weight:

Making sure I ate 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day (summer, 1986)
Running three times a week at lunch time (1986-87)
Personal training + low-carb/not paleo (2002-2003)
Some crazy Diet Center thing (five minutes, 1979)
Personal training without changing my diet (various)
The HCG diet (various)
Having a baby (hehe)
Paleo diet (various)
Intermittent fasting
Cardio + Nutrition + Weighttraining
Geneen Roth’s guidelines
Mindful eating

Things that have succeeded in managing and maintaining my weight for very long.


Apparently, depression is one of those conditions that often impacts weight. For a variety of reasons, diet also seems to impact depression.

Impersonating a slug this morning, I came across an article called “Medicating Women’s Feelings” in the New York Times. Suddenly I realized why I had chosen to be a layabout this morning; so I would discover this article. Her article raised quite a kerfluffle in the comments section, but it reminded me that I had heard James Altucher talk about how we have serotonin in our gut. And THAT has led me on a detailed search for more information about how diet, gut flora and health, and digestion impact our serotonin levels.

For me, being able to get off of an anti-depressant sounds INCREDIBLE. So far, my research has not yielded anything in particular that makes a definitive connection between diet and depression, but there are signs that such a connection exists at a deeper level than I have been aware of. I’m on a quest to discover what connection might exist.  Imagine if I could eat to support my brain chemistry and that same method would also support my overall health and weight!

Continuing with baby steps this week of eating the perimeter of the grocery store and keeping a written record of what I eat. Adding in one more baby step of setting up eating hours of 7am to 7pm, and fasting hours 7pm to 7am.

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