Day trippin to Chicago

This is about how much I “ate” today.

One of my very alert readers noticed today that I introduced today’s post with “Happy Thursday!” Of course, as she mentioned, it was Friday, not Thursday. What can I say? I drove up to Chicago to spend time with my college daughter, and just lost track of time.

Speaking of which, I came up here to attend one of her classes. It’s a lit class and they were discussing Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” I read it in preparation for the class, and loved every minute of the class. Such intelligent, well-read, thoughtful students. A wonderful prof. The kind of discussion I just don’t get enough of, and wonder how I’d ever get anymore of.

Later in the day, we attended the art opening of my daughter’s best friend, one of the senior art students here. Somehow, while a student here, I didn’t attend any senior art shows. At least, that I remember. This show juxtaposed images of depression with images of playfulness. I found the experience extremely stimulating and invigorating.

Now I wish I had taken photos of her art. I was deeply touched by her creations. I’d love to be able to share them, but can only use words to explain that I got what she was trying to say. Or, maybe I got what I brought to the art myself and saw in it. Either way, it was a privilege to attend.

And how can I express what it is like to spend time with my eldest daughter, who left home four years ago this summer to spend time in Ireland, and then proceeded to have multiple adventures on her way to getting her diploma, which happens in less than two months.

This day has been one full of rich experiences. But, of course, as is common in my life, there were also a few urgent things happening at home as well that I needed to deal with throughout the day.

How can I be a part of more discussions like today’s? There are universities in my town. That seems like a place to begin to look into what opportunities exist for part-time non-degree-seeking students.

I think today’s rich “meals” are going to need some time for me to fully “digest.” So, no big, or little, lessons today, I don’t think. I just know I want more in-depth discussions with thoughtful, intelligent people who want to wrestle, discuss, challenge, question, and think.

PS They have a Tesla car store in the mall here. A car store!

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