11,126 hungry steps to lunch

I recently had the harebrained idea to walk to my lunch date at Red Robin. In a spate of glossy thinking, I reasoned that Red Robin was only a little further away than the UU church I walked to a few weeks ago. In the tradition of the women in my family, I decided arbitrarily that an hour would be long enough to make the walk since that’s how much time I had before my meeting.


The facts:

UU church is 3 miles from my home.
Red Robin is 5 miles from my home.

At 20 min per mile, the UU is a one hour walk. Red Robin is one hour and forty minutes. This is not a little further, pal. This is a lot further.

Because I hadn’t looked at the facts, (my mind was made up, see), I reasoned that a bit of jogging would probably get me that little bit further in time. The scientist in me will note that this was a poor hypothesis.

Although I jogged as many steps as I felt like I could, I received a text when I was only a little past the UU church that my lunch date had already arrived. Called my personal Uber/Lyft driver who graciously dropped what he was doing and gave me a “lyft” to the restaurant. I was still late, but my friend is gracious.

Lesson learned. Facts matter when it comes to time. Time matters when it comes to plans. Plans matter when it comes to accomplishments. F(T)+P(F)=getting there on time.

2 thoughts on “11,126 hungry steps to lunch

  1. You are incredible, INCREDIBLE! I love this store and all the clever words, phrases and hypothesis. I'm surprised I didn't read this story in the paper and thank goodness for cell phones. Love Mom


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