Daily Archives: March 31, 2015

The More You Know You Don’t Know Much, the More You Can Learn

Do you floss your teeth? If not, do you feel guilty for not doing it? Hold that thought.

Hoofed it down the road this morning to my teeth cleaning appointment, knowing that I hadn’t flossed much¬†lately¬†more than a couple times since my last cleaning. My excuse is my lingual bar retainer. That sounds important and official, eh? It just means that I have a permanent retainer on the inside of my front lower teeth. Makes it hella fun to floss.

“Ana” (soft, short o sound) was my hygienist this morning. We’ve never talked beyond pleasantries. But seeing as how I have become much more aware of being intentional since my last appointment (May 2014), I started asking some questions today.

When I am distracted, I don’t always ask questions at the doctor or dentist, or apparently even listen. Later, I think “What the heck did he/she say about this?” Honestly, I believe walking there this morning put me into a more mindful place. I hadn’t waited until the last second, jumped in my car and raced the .7 miles to the office just in time.

It still surprises me that I can learn something so basic about the simple process of flossing. I guess the difference came in listening to that little voice inside (I did it! Yay me!) suggesting I ask some questions.

Not only did I learn something interesting about flossing, I also learned about Ana, who is from Macedonia, and was extremely interested in my attempts to make healthy choices for myself and my family. We had an actual, honest, genuine conversation, not just a superficial exchange. I mean, we didn’t cry on each other’s bosoms or anything, but I felt like I really connected with the person, Ana.

Now, if you feel guilty when you don’t floss, do something about it. Find a way to make it a habit. Figure out your why for doing it. Look at the things that are getting in the way, and address them.

Or … maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t floss regularly? In that case, in the words of the immortal Emily Litella . . .

5,520 Really Cold and Silly Steps on a Sunday

I visited the UU church on March 15, enjoyed it and planned to go back. I heard them say, I heard the actual words, WE MEET ON THE 1st AND 3rd SUNDAYS. Poor little maroon Siouxsie. My 1st visit was on the 3rd Sunday, but in my brain, my 1st visit meant it was the 1st Sunday.

Yesterday was the 3rd Sunday of March. Oh, it wasn’t? It wasn’t the 3rd Sunday of March just because I had decided March 15th was the 1st Sunday of March? The quantum physics of the world did not adjust to my brief, yet completely mistaken, perception?

It was the middle of the SisterGiant conference yesterday morning. Since they were running on PST, the day’s festivities wouldn’t resume until 12:30 EST, which would work since I was going to go to the UU church for the meeting that they have on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

I didn’t really want to go to the UU church yesterday. But it’s very easy for me to give in to the inertia of staying home, rather than gathering the momentum to go out, so I went. After all, it was the 3rd Sunday of the month, and I wouldn’t get another chance for another two weeks.

So, there I was, standing outside the door of the UU church, freezing cold, looking forward to getting inside for the meeting, the one that happens on the 3rd Sunday of the month, and the door was locked? Instantly, I knew that I’d already attended the service on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

And as I had been dropped off as before, I was faced with walking home. It was cold out! 29 degrees. Of course I am rough and tough and hard to guard enough to do it, but I wasn’t looking forward to it. Once again, one of my personal corral of Uber/Lyft drivers came to my rescue, but not until I had already walked 5,520 steps.

What did I learn? Listen to that little voice. Find a way to listen to the little voice that says, hey, you better check this out before you do this. Ok, ok, ok. I promise, I will.