Take the Victories Where You Can


Back in December, I began the process of getting special approval from our health insurance company for certain of Kepler’s therapies to be covered and for there to be enough sessions available. Although this was basically a continuation of coverage we had been receiving for the previous two years, the process was anything but streamlined. We would all die dead of boredom if I were to tell the steps I have gone through to get this completed, but suffice it to say that it took many phone calls and much perseverance to get this far.

Living with depression as I do, there are days when I wake up with 1.898E27 kg (the actual weight of Jupiter), aka 317.8 times the mass of the earth, weighing me down. It can be difficult to overcome such a heavy weight and get up, let alone get anything done.

The next step in the health insurance process was to fax some paperwork (which had already been mailed previously, but never mind) to them so we might be able to move forward with the actual therapy. FAXING. I have the capability to scan, copy, email, text, tweet, snail mail, and do smoke signals, but I do not have the capability of faxing from home. (LOL. I just realized I probably do — should look into that to be sure.) Anyway, I have procrastinated since April 17 about getting this paperwork faxed.

Today, in spite of 317.8 times the mass of the earth weighing down on me, I got myself out the door with the papers, and got them faxed. Why does it cost $10 to fax 9 pages, I wonder.

As a possible interesting aside, after the fax victory, I stopped in at the library to pick up some reserves, and heard people at the counter talking about faxing things! I asked if the library faxes things — that would be awesome, but they only fax to the Office of Job and Family Services, and they do it for free, and I think that is simply marvelous, because if I don’t have a fax machine, it’s quite a bit more likely that the people who rely on JFS have even less access to one. Way to go, public library!

And I can be proud of having gotten this one thing done today.

9 thoughts on “Take the Victories Where You Can

    1. Really? There are so many things all the time that need to be done. I’m terribly glad I got it done, but there is part of me that feels like it’s a pretty puny accomplishment.


      1. Yes, really. There is always a list of things to be done. This task has lots of maddening steps along with the emotional aspects. My silly mortgage application process took a month and wiped me out in August/September. Left me a puddle. So, considering all, I’d celebrate that it is in and let yourself have a victory lap with a glass of wine, or cup of coffee, whatever works and start tomorrow knowing you made it through the red tape. (or this step)

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      2. Thanks, Nancy. Yes, this process has been unbelievably taxing. I really am proud of myself for making it happen today, especially in light of how I felt. It’s just kind of a knee-jerk reaction to always expect more, no matter what.


  1. While I was writing for YTC and A-Z, I was again dealing with mounds of paperwork (AGAIN!) for taxes. The fact that my writing was completed was pretty astounding to me. I actually had my “run away” plan. I call this a big YES moment for you.

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  2. Big Cheers from this side too.. What you accomplished is amazing and there WILL be a moment in the future when you will still look back on it with wonder.. I’m with nancy.. give yourself a moment of celebration very well deserved!!

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  3. Proud of you too, Susan!
    Someone who can get out of bed while carrying Jupiter makes ol’ Atlas (and the rest of us) look like slugs.

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