Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting

Oops. 10:52 pm and I haven’t posted today. Not that there hasn’t been anything to say! So, let’s get this show on the road.

Another experience of the truth of the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” I heard about a book by Lynn Grabhorn maybe 4 years ago called “Excuse My, Your Life is Waiting.” Checked it out of the library, and as I sometimes do, let it sit beside my bed until it was time to take it back, without ever cracking it open. Something told me this weekend to look at it. I have had it on my Kindle app on my phone for about 9 months, and didn’t look at it until this weekend.

About halfway through the book, the material is resonating with my desire to feel better, to effect change in my life, and to learn new ways to say yes.

i plan to re-read the book when I finish this first run-through, and to complete the accompanying workbook, also on my Kindle for lo these nine months. For this first time through, what I have understood is that setting an intention matters and makes a difference.

I tried it out last night driving home from Chicago. I usually get anxious as we get near Indy because I worry that I am going to miss the turnoff, and i guess, go out of my way a few miles. (Anxiety isn’t rational.) I decided to set an intention that getting through Indy would be smooth. And it was.

Went to bed last night after setting an intention that I would wake up feeling energetic this morning. And I did.

Two experiences do not a scientific principle prove, but I sense a difference in my experience in the times when I have set an intention.

A therapist I saw for awhile used to say those very words to me, set an intention for the day. I never really got what he meant. I’m understanding better now. There is more to the material in this book, but this is a great place for me to start.

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