An Apple a Day!

Last week, I met a lovely, vibrant 82-year-old woman at the genius bar. While I’m sure there could be an 82-year-old woman working at the genius bar, this one was waiting for her appointment. She had brought her iMac with her, in the box, and on a trolley. I struck up a conversation with her, and was relatively amazed to discover that she is prolific at creating slide shows of her travels with her husband, even putting music to her movies. Her main motivation for doing so is to remind her husband of the times they have had together. He has started down the path of Alzheimer’s and reviewing older memories is supposed to help patients stay more connected with their lives.

I don’t meet many 82-year-olds who are that good with computers. Winifred, for that was her name, told me she learned this skill through something called “one to one” at the Apple store. Only $99 for a year, you have access to computer personal trainers, to teach you what you want to learn. Then I found out that it’s only an option at the time you buy your computer. Since mine was a gift, and I’d never even heard of O2O, I wondered if they might allow me to buy it anyway.

In the meantime, I found out about the workshops that they offer at the Apple store, and today was my first one. “Staying Organized on Your Mac.” Deuce Joy was my workshop facilitator, and he did a great job. What fun it was to learn about Airdrop, try it out, and discover how much this will simplify the process of transferring photos from my iPhone to my mac. I’ve been sending those puppies individually via email.

I had seen the colored dots known as tags. Somehow it had never occurred to me that I could change those tag titles from the color names to categories. I love color-coding things and look forward to putting colorful little dots on everything on my computer.

Most fun of all was learning the jellyfish motion. Swiping upward on the trackpad like a jellyfish propelling herself up to the surface brings up a screen with all the apps on my computer. Surprise! I had forgotten about half of what I had put on my machine. All of my jellyfish motions are happy ones.

The workshop flew by and was over too soon. Before I left, I asked about One to One. Deuce checked with his manager and it was approved! I have my first session next week and I’m going to learn how to do all kinds of creative things with my computer. I can’t wait to make slideshows, add music, share them, and discover each and every thing that I don’t even know that I don’t know!

1 thought on “An Apple a Day!

  1. My walking partner is 78 and I am so grateful to have her in my life. She is definitely “no nonsense” which is a delightful juxtaposition to me, the “over thinker”.

    This is excellent information! I have a pc, but I do have a new iPad and and iPhone from which I send my photos, yup, one by one to email.

    Now to get that car home so I may go take advantage of this!

    Thank you for the info.


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