Daily Archives: June 6, 2015

No more sleeping in the basement!

We moved in here when the kids were 6, 5, 3, <1, and negative 7. Families our size in the 50’s fit in this size home, but we have found it to be a little too cozy at times. 

Coming from the builder family I come from, the solution has always been to remodel, build on, or finish part of the basement when new space is needed. 

We built a bedroom in the basement about 12 years ago and put the boys down there, using the upstairs three bedrooms for the two girls and one for us. Later, the boys moved back up, and Valerie got her own space in the basement room. After she moved, Anna Jessie inhabited that space for a few years. Until this week.

Now we don’t have seven people squished in here anymore. There’s only four of us. So, at her request, we moved her back up to the main floor, thus bringing to an end anyone sleeping in the basement. 

I think we’re going to turn that space into a rec room/guest room for when the big kids come home. 

Funny thing is, when Anna Jessie said she wanted out of the basement, I couldn’t see how to make it happen. With the help of our lovely Feng Shui expert, we found a way. 

I love moving furniture, shifting rooms, and changing the layout of places and spaces. We’ve changed all KINDS of spaces in this home. I can hardly imagine keeping things the same for years and years. I definitely come by that honestly and/ or the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. 

New space,  new possibilities. Where might you create some new space in your life? 

104 Days of Summer Vacation

imageThat’s a snippet from the Phineas and Ferb theme song. We love Phineas and Ferb around here! And we also love summer vacation!

As each of our children have done at some point, our 16yo daughter has recently shifted into high gear when it comes to friends. She has always been social; she has reached a developmental step where she is paying more attention to her friends than her family. And this is perfectly ok. It’s just a difference from a few months ago.

So, Kepler and I will be spending a great deal of time together this summer, one on one. We started today with the great library adventure of 2015. There are 41 branches of our public library system and we are going to visit all of them this summer.

His delight at a new branch was ¬†palpable. He couldn’t quite take in all these new books and new DVDs to choose from. It was great fun. With my new movie making skills, I’m compiling photos and video to make an epic film of our adventure later on this summer.

Great start to the summer!