Love and Mercy

In case you missed it, Love and Mercy is the title of a film about the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson. This is what clued me in:

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 9.30.02 PM

I really like Anne Lamott a lot, and her tweet was enough for me to decide to make time to see this movie.

Boy, when I think about the Beach Boys, I think about happy, fun days in the California sun, upbeat songs about enjoying your youth. As I think is typical for a child/teen, it never ever occurred to me that there might be some madness in with the incredible music. Of course, we didn’t have quite the same access to the private lives, inner thoughts, and endless detail about celebrities and musicians. We just kind of let art …. flow …. over us. (h/t Nick, The Big Chill)

It is a very good movie. Paul Dano and John Cusack do a great job portraying Brian at two different points in his life. You can’t help but just smile big at the end of the movie, listening to Brian sing, knowing what he has gone through.

Yes, go see it. There are a few parts that are hard to watch, as the filmmaker does a bang-up job of portraying what mental illness is like from the inside. But it’s a triumphant movie, and Love and Mercy are beautifully portrayed.

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