Taking Pictures Like Kepler

I don’t know who this stack of people is, but it’s clear this photo is posed. These days, people are getting pretty creative in their portraiture — I guess there’s so much visual noise, we try to be louder than the rest. We’re all snapping photos with our phones all the time these days. But I know when I take photos, I still often pose them, and I also try to make sure I look halfway presentable.

Not Kepler, buddy. He just snaps away, and doesn’t worry about perfection. He actually captures the moment, in all of its mess and glory and reality. So, today, I thought I would share some of his photos with you. Enjoy! By the way, I haven’t edited any of these, in case that’s not evident.


A ball.


Pikachu. One of 85 pictures he took while reading this book.


The special artistic photo of his favorite snack.


from the “tools mommy uses” series


silly selfie at the park.


And, finally, “Quarter by the wall.”

1 thought on “Taking Pictures Like Kepler

  1. Fun! I love “Quarter by the Wall” for some reason. šŸ™‚ I’ve read that the new picture-taking technology eliminates the “bad pictures” of the past because we can just trash what we don’t like. Sometimes I choose to keep the fuzzy, imperfect ones just to reflect the reality of the moment. Thanks for sharing Kepler’s pics!

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