More on the Miblary (as Kepler says) Adventure

Kepler and I visited two more branches today. I’ve decided that grouping them makes more sense because of time and distance. 
I’d been to the first branch we visited but never to the second. Our visit to the second was interesting. This must be the smallest branch in the entire system. The parking lot only had 10 spaces. 

He enjoyed both, as did I, but I was very tired when we got home. I think I must hold my breath/stay tense when driving to an unfamiliar area. 

I got the feeling that the tiny branch might be where they put new hires. I overheard a librarian talking about the summer reading program and what she was saying made it sound like it was all new to her. 

The branches all have little differences. It would be pretty interesting to me to study them. But for the time being, we’ll stick with our visits and sussing out the children’s area in each branch.

By the way, the photo is of a huge water tower which is part of the Cincinnati water works. It’s just nearly on top of the tiny branch. I bet they have great water pressure!

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