A Few Thoughts about Twitter

Recently, I read that Twitter is going to start curating the feed, similar to how Facebook decides what you’d like to see. I don’t quite know why I like to read the comments on articles. I guess I’m just amazed at the things people will say. 

Anyway, I find Twitter to be quite fascinating,a lot of fun, a source of great referrals for music and podcasts, and just generally an interesting platform. 

We had bought several apps by Toca Boca. Kepler really enjoys them. He came to me yesterday to show me that there is a new game and he wanted me to buy it. Well, it’s not available for another week. So, I’ve told him approximately 354 times yesterday and today that it’s going to be several days more before it’s available.

I contacted TocaBoca on Twitter and told them how I felt and why. I simply asked that they not advertise in the games until the product is actually available. They responded just a short while later and said they would take that into consideration. I felt like they really heard me. 

I doubt if I’m even fully utilizing all that Twitter offers, but it is definitely a very enjoyable social media site to me. 

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