That’s the hashtag that’s been all over Twitter today in celebration of the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality. 

I have friends who are strongly in favor of the ruling, and I also have friends who believe the Bible speaks against homosexuality.

I offer congratulations to all the lovely LBGTQ people who have longed for the opportunity to make their love legally recognized in a state-sanctioned marriage.

For love to truly win, wouldn’t it be the case that we would respect each other points of view, even if they do not agree with ours? Christians and religious people would be welcoming and loving to people of every persuasion. And people of every persuasion would be welcoming and loving to people who believe differently than they do.

There was a day when I thought gay sex was wrong. I was never of the persuasion that being gay was wrong. I just thought since gay people couldn’t get married, they shouldn’t have sex. Very simplistic, I know. I was doing the best I could with the information and maturity I had at the time.

Are there any limits to what is acceptable anymore? I’ve read articles recently and seen tv shows and movies that demand that every iteration of sexuality and sexual expression is accepted. 

One thing I notice in such articles and shows is that there seems to be a hell of a lot of brokenness and pain and chaos that go along with some of the iterations.

I was watching a show tonight where a woman who had a lesbian relationship in college ran into her lover a few years later. Both were married to other people now. The romance was rekindled and the woman decided the only thing she could do was leave her husband. 

What I think I see in our culture is a widespread acceptance of actions like this woman took. But my question is, are our feelings the most important things in the universe? How does it happen that people can just walk away from a marriage? What is happening that there is such a disdain for staying together? 

I can’t speak with any authority at all to what it’s like to be attracted to the same sex, or to both sexes. So I’d never suggest that those attractions shouldn’t happen. I simply value the rewards that come from working through the tough stuff. 

Just my thoughts tonight. For love to win, we’re all going to have to be a whole lot more accepting. 

1 thought on “#LoveWins

  1. Ah, respect! I long for the day when I can read my Facebook page without snide references and disparaging remarks about people who have differing opinions. And, the “liberally accepting” ones are the most offensive. As for the ruling, I am happy for those who have longed for this result. It’s possible the manner it came about may prove troublesome. But, it would not be necessary if we had respect for each other.

    Good post

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