YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS (You Must Listen to the Serial Dater Podcast)

Every so often, I will Google “best podcasts [of 2015]” and see what comes up. My latest foray into finding new podcasts took me to to an article about podcasts she recommends. I’ve learned that there are always gems in the comments as well, so I read through most of them. This one caught my eye:


My friend Charlie – recent creative writing MFA grad and soon-to-be fullbright scholar in the UK has a hilarious podcast called serial dater that he sort of started on a whim but is really cute and funny (and you can feel good about yourself by supporting an up-and-coming NY-based writer while listening!)

KM had me at “My friend Charlie.” Then he/she added hilarious, on a whim, cute, funny, feel good about yourself. Sounded great to me, so I downloaded all six episodes, departing from my normal policy of downloading a max of two episodes to figure out if I like it before I truly commit. I love listening to podcasts, and I have one on whenever I am in the car by myself. As I sped to and from Chicago over the past 36 hours, (U2 concert. Read about it here.) I took advantage of my 10 hours in the car to try out some new podcasts.

Charlie Beckerman is a talented writer who has an MFA from Florida State University. Serial Dater is about a series of 5 first dates Charlie had with quite a variety of guys in a single week shortly before he left New York to begin his MFA. Each episode is a humorous look at one of the dates. The final episode — well, I won’t say anything about that, because I didn’t see it coming, and I want you to be surprised.

One thing that bugs me about some podcasts is the poor sound quality, but this does NOT apply to Serial Dater. From the music to the voices to the transitions, this is one of the best produced podcasts I have listened to. Music is by Prom Date. You can hear one of their songs here! (genre: synthpop).

Charlie wrote these stories in a writer’s workshop he did during his MFA application process.  A couple years later, he took it a step further by creating the podcast and dramatizing parts of the story. Wait until you hear the voice(s) of his dates. I just loved it.

(A little caveat here:   I have no idea what percentage of LGBTQ folks would be accepting of my halting attempts to understand, to empathize, and to work through old beliefs and ideas in order to make room for a new understanding, but I am trying and I’ve come a long way, baby.)

Serial Dater is an excellent podcast to add to your listening, or to take the first step into listening to podcasts. The entire series is 6 episodes; the first five hover around the 30 minute mark, which is a good length for listening; and you will love it.

Besides the excellence of the writing in the podcast and the overall quality of the production, what I loved about this podcast is it gave me a glimpse into the heart and mind of a gay man, and I ended up much closer to what Bono said at the end of the concert. “There is no them; there is only us.” I felt a solidarity and connection with this man, Charlie Beckerman, and I am so grateful for that.

2 thoughts on “YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS (You Must Listen to the Serial Dater Podcast)

  1. THANK YOU…. for everything you share.. I have read every blog. I have loved to join you as you traveled and you took us to the library for summer fun with your young son…, told us about your daughter, and introduced us to Eli with his wonderful writing.

    THIS one was the best. Clear Crisp, entre into the land of Podcast…a place where many fill time but few do it well…..careful selection is key…, to date i have found no guide beyond a google wide eyed seeking question.

    You opened a door to a very great site with style. I offer you this compliment with deep sincerity and appreciation. I close by saying you could well be THE
    best reviewer i have read in a long long while..coming from media and theater backround– i read dozens of them everyday.

    Rarely do reviewers have a voice that shines thru adjective stuffed opinion. They are superfluous or crab barkers.YOUR voice shines and i hope you do more of them… could be art, music, or film.. but especially finding a good Podcast.. because i see podcasts and videos as the frontier of communication. Its the next level that we will all be jumping into.

    So few hours in the day where the hell do we go do we sort? Is it word of mouth or a new source to find out?

    You took my heart with the Bono line “there is no them.. there is only us”. I am grateful for your words and inspiration. Cheers.,e

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