Daily Archives: July 4, 2015

I Heart my Apple Watch


Surely it’s no secret that I am an Apple fangirl. But if you didn’t know, I’m letting you in on it tonight.

My beautiful Apple watch arrived today. I feel like I have been set free from the tyranny of the urgent since I don’t really have to look at my phone for fear I have missed something important. Those things will come to my watch and do a cute little nudge to let me know something is up. I think I will probably save hundreds of motions a week not checking my phone so often.

Ok, so I’ve only had it for 12 hours so far. That’s long enough for me to know. I did research it ahead of time. There was the “I don’t need another gadget phase.” Then there was the “It’ll be way too hard to learn another new electronic device.” And then came, “I can really see how this things would simplify my life in just so many ways.”

Years ago, before I even had an iPhone, still using Android phones, I had the idea to rig something up to wear my phone on my wrist. I think I found some sort of sport band that I could put the watch in and be able to use it while it was on my wrist. Of course, that one wasn’t made at all for wrist-wearing. I still had a slide-out keyboard at that time. But I’m just saying; I had the idea for a wearable smartphone a long time ago.

Do you have an Apple watch? Are you going to get one? What are your reasons for getting one or not getting one? I’m really curious! Leave a comment and let me know.