Why I Believe Life is Worth Living

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A recent discussion with someone yielded the information that he wasn’t sure life was worth living without being able to use drugs. That got me to thinking about the question.

There are sure some dark things in our world; more pain than we can possibly handle; and voices all around telling us how bad things are. Yet, I love life.

There is no substitute for the humor I am blessed with, both in myself and so many in my family. I have laughed for hours with Greg, with our kids, with my sisters, with my parents, with friends.

How could I despair when my memory bank is full of good times that I remember with every one of my senses, while the bad memories are leaking away gradually as I am able to understand them in a whole new way.

The little things like the taste of homemade iced tea, the smell of smoke from a woodfire, the feeling of clean teeth, the sensations I feel when I listen to beloved music, hugs. There are hundreds of these tiny pleasures in my life.

I love the feeling I get on a summer day when I am reminded of the precious memories I have of summers in Oklahoma, truly my own Magical Kingdom of my childhood.

I love the possibility of learning new things all the time. There are so many books, and movies, and podcasts, and places yet to visit, and people to meet, and new things to try. I could never be bored. Tired? Yes. But not bored.

And then there is the love in my life. My family of origin, my dear husband, my fabulous children, my best friend, the people of all walks of life that I get to be in relationship with.

The beauty in the natural world. The stillness of a lake in the early morning. The sound of the ocean waves at night. The sky and everything about it. However we and the world got here, this planet is amazing.

Yeah, man, life is beautiful, if you ask me.

Why do you believe life is worth living?

1 thought on “Why I Believe Life is Worth Living

  1. What a good reminder! Today I am in a city I do not yet enjoy where the humidity is sky-high and the smell of restaurant dumpsters hangs in the unmoving air while I walk to the ugly office building where I’m working this week. The view out my tenth-storey hotel window is of a solid brick wall eight feet away.

    But you’re right. Last night I had a good conversation with a new colleague who told me about the school he is building in Haiti next week. This morning someone got up early to start preparing the breakfast I ate and the coffee I drank. Right now I can read this wonderful post.

    Life IS beautiful.

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