Daily Archives: July 12, 2015

The library adventure continues

It’s been such a nice day today. Greg’s home and he and I and Kepler spent most of the day together, with a few short glimpses of our 16yo, a couple of cute selfie from our California sun (a nice typo which should say son), and texts from the other two kids. 

I was excited to take this picture since it’s the first branch Greg has gotten to visit with us. We had just finished a swimming lesson at a different place than Bear Paddle (although we’ll be back there on Monday), and this branch was on our way home. 

Kepler has gotten into the habit of taking a lot of video of everyday moments, and I’m enjoying having these little films of our life together.

I saw a neat spider web this morning covered in dew. 

Kepler finished of our day taking multiple videos of me reading to him, and he managed to get this sweet photo of his daddy smiling at him. 

We sure do have a good time together.