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ATop [Some Number] Things I Learned From an Egg McMuffin

The people outside the courthouse are truly a diverse bunch. I thought maybe some of them might not have eaten breakfast, so I picked up 4 Egg McMuffins™ on my way to court yesterday to share.

1. Have two POCKETSFUL of change for the parking meter because a quarter doesn’t get you very far. 

2. Practice parallel parking before you go downtown, lest you end up actually connected TO the sidewalk via your wheels. 

3. Keep in mind you could give away as many Egg McMuffins™ as you can carry since the ones you had were given away before you even stepped away from your car (the one attached to the curb by the wheels).

4. It really is better to err on the side of being early rather than late unless you want to have a little panic attack when you get to the courtroom and discover it’s already in session and you wonder if you missed your son’s appearance!

5. Next time, consider getting Sausage biscuits that are only $1 apiece. McDonald’s food is probably about the same, however many ingredients it has.

6. If you have the inclination to do something like share a few Egg McMuffins™ around, go for it! Everything’s a learning experience.

7. Think about whether there might be other reasonably priced options that have better nutrition.

8. Ask my readers for input. Readers! What are your thoughts about what other foods I could carry and offer? 

9. For all the bad things about McDonald’s, it’s certainly nice to be able to count on getting the same quality food from every location every time. 

A-HI Computers and Electronics — a cool little place

For several years, we have been taking electronics to A-HI in Norwood when they need to be fixed. Most recently, I had him repair a pair of Quincy Jones headphones. A-HI comes from Alan H. Immerman’s initials. Cool name! I know it’s been awhile, because I originally found him in the Yellow Pages under “Electronics — Repair and Service.”

Alan Immerman, Proprietor

The shop is tiny and packed with every variety of electronic, from the most current flat-screen TV to vintage printers and stereo components.


Every time Alan fixes something for a customer, he attaches this note to the receipt:

The Economics of Repair, or…
Where did our jobs go..?

       When we throw away an electronics product, it goes into a landfill and rusts. We then purchase new products, which are made more cheaply, and our money goes to Korea and China. An alternative is to have our older products repaired. A repair might cost as much or even more than a cheaper replacement, but often the older units are built better – more ruggedly constructed and able to be serviced. Dollars spent locally on repairing older products provide jobs here and now in Cincinnati, and our money stays in the U.S.A., instead of going to foreign lands.

Something to think about?

If you happen to think it’s valuable to consider fixing something electronic, this is the place to go. His prices are reasonable; his work is excellent; and there’s definitely a unique charm to the entire experience.

You can find A-HI Computers and Electronics at 4030 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45212. The phone number is 531-1111. More information at http://www.a-hi.com.

For readers not in the Cincinnati area, I bet you have your own version of this little shop in your area. Today may not officially be Small Business Saturday — I think that is sometime in November — and, oh, it’s actually Friday today, isn’t it, but I highly recommend this business. Give it a try when you need something fixed!