ATop [Some Number] Things I Learned From an Egg McMuffin

The people outside the courthouse are truly a diverse bunch. I thought maybe some of them might not have eaten breakfast, so I picked up 4 Egg McMuffins™ on my way to court yesterday to share.

1. Have two POCKETSFUL of change for the parking meter because a quarter doesn’t get you very far. 

2. Practice parallel parking before you go downtown, lest you end up actually connected TO the sidewalk via your wheels. 

3. Keep in mind you could give away as many Egg McMuffins™ as you can carry since the ones you had were given away before you even stepped away from your car (the one attached to the curb by the wheels).

4. It really is better to err on the side of being early rather than late unless you want to have a little panic attack when you get to the courtroom and discover it’s already in session and you wonder if you missed your son’s appearance!

5. Next time, consider getting Sausage biscuits that are only $1 apiece. McDonald’s food is probably about the same, however many ingredients it has.

6. If you have the inclination to do something like share a few Egg McMuffins™ around, go for it! Everything’s a learning experience.

7. Think about whether there might be other reasonably priced options that have better nutrition.

8. Ask my readers for input. Readers! What are your thoughts about what other foods I could carry and offer? 

9. For all the bad things about McDonald’s, it’s certainly nice to be able to count on getting the same quality food from every location every time. 

6 thoughts on “ATop [Some Number] Things I Learned From an Egg McMuffin

  1. What a wonderful, wonderful idea to take breakfast to people. I just love that you did that!! Even if you ate them all, the point is you thought to bring a blessing to others. Muffins, cheese sticks, power bars, popcorn balls or in small bags, peaches, bananas with a small bag to stash the peel. Call your mother when you’re going and she can bake cookies or muffins especially when she can walk again.


  2. I’ve felt really happy since you told me you did this yesterday. What a cool way to bless a few of those people downtown….who knows what their story is. 🙂 I think Sausage Biscuits are just fine to give away. Kroger also often has protein bars on sale for $1 each. Could be another great giveaway.


    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence about sausage biscuits. It’s just so easy for me to get an idea in my mind (I AM BUYING EGG MCMUFFINS YES I AM) and allow it to be stuck in there with gorilla glue, so it’s harder to get it out when another option presents itself. working on that! great idea about protein bars, too. thank you for that idea.


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