So Many More Opportunities Today to say Perfect, What’s Next?

When I thought someone was in jail, but they got early release and showed up at my door.

When I decided to tell the truth to someone and it was really hard to do.

When I was running late this morning because of all the details I HAD to tend to before we left.

When my phone would not send messages for some mysterious reason.

When I had to turn off the music I wanted to listen to for several more hours.

When I wondered if the person in front of me was showing symptoms of being high on drugs.

There was a time a couple months ago when I was afraid I might miss a day of blogging, that I might forget or not have anything to post, or just somehow end my habit of daily blogging. I can definitely say that by now, at least 200 posts from the first one in January, I am GOING to blog every day. Different days contain different levels of content that can be assimilated by others, but I’m still here.

I am very, very thankful for the resources I have. And it’s reasonable to be thrown off when something like early release from jail happens, especially under the circumstances. So, tonight, I can basically just pour it all out on my blog and trust that tomorrow is a new day and will have its own adventures.

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