Some Days are About Keeping on Moving Forward, You Know?

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Some days we have breakthroughs in our thinking. Some days we just keep taking baby steps on our journey.

Yesterday, on Quora, I answered the question, “What are some everyday life hacks?” I find that many questions on Quora are general and almost impossible to answer, but I and plenty of others still answer anyway.

Here is my answer:

1. You see more of what you are looking for. Therefore, look for the good in things, in people, in situations, everywhere.

2. Be more willing to live with questions than to demand immediate answers. The answers that are lasting and sustainable take some time to find.

3. Take care of yourself as you would someone you treasure. How would you talk to that person? How would you feed that person? How would you allow others to treat that person?

4. Smile at people.

5. Drink enough water. Some say that’s 8- 8oz glasses per day. Others say take one half of your body weight and drink that many ounces. Water is good for simply everything in your body. Your cells, your brain, your digestion, your elimination, and quenching your thirst. If you need some flavor, add a bit of lemon juice, but try to keep the water free from any form of sugar.

6. Find ways to be playful and childlike in your life. Most people forget how to play, and it is essential for anyone of any age to do something that helps them lighten up and release some of the tension from all of our adult responsibilities. Note: childlike does not equal childish. Childlike has to do with the qualities of wonder and joy and lightness.

7. Make your bed every morning. It makes your room look nicer, no matter what the rest of it looks like, and it’s always nicer to get into a bed that’s been made.

8. Find ways to experience and appreciate beauty, whether through art, music, nature, or some form of creation.

9. Take large projects and divide them into smaller pieces or steps. This is the best way I know to be successful in completing tasks.

10. Be a force for good.

3 thoughts on “Some Days are About Keeping on Moving Forward, You Know?

  1. Also would add #5.5 if I may: “Arrange your life so that there is a chance for you to actually get 8 hours sleep per night.” I used to battle against sleeping all the time, felt like it is a waste of time. I find that what I as battling against was accepting that I needed rest.

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