A Little Story about Kepler

Like many kids his age, Kepler loves my iPhone. He loves to take pictures, take “biddy-o’s,” send texts which usually resemble English but are not, and find out where his dad is in the world by checking Find My Friends.

Today he remodeled my app layout by creating his own folder:


The apps he included are Find My Friends, Smoothie King, Wanderlust, Cincinnati Library, Photos, and Messages. He explained it to me: “Map, Smoovie King, my ‘wist,’ Miblary, Pictures and Biddy-o’s.” His “wist” is called Kepler’s Errands and it’s where we put things we are going to do while we are with him. Greg created the list the other day, and Smoothie King was on the list. So, he particularly likes that ‘wist,’ since he does love him some Smoovie King.

It is really fun to see how his mind works.

1 thought on “A Little Story about Kepler

  1. I LOVED this.I love how his mind works and I love that it does so well with all the strikes against it. What a guy!


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