A List for me To Note What I Did Today

Got Kepler to school this morning, albeit in jammy-like clothing. (me, not him)

Rested instead of cleaning the house. (sleep is so lovely)

Did not get a speeding ticket or even get pulled over, but wondered how I would respond if I did.

Got the emergency medical forms filled out for school — only 90 minutes late. (at least it was the right day)

Picked up Kepler from school this afternoon, albeit in jammy-like clothing. (EARLY afternoon, i’ll have you know.)

Worked with him on the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds programs for about an hour.

Did not make a roasted chicken or buy KFC but wished I could have some chicken and I would have if only I wouldn’t have had to make one more stop and go all the way through the grocery store with my little helper..

Got dressed before 3:05 in the afternoon.

Visited a new miblary with Kepler.

Arranged a playdate for Thursday afternoon.

Took him to swim lessons.

Purchased all the dog supplies for the puppy we are getting tomorrow. Did not stress about getting the perfect item since every dog product known to man has at least 800,000 different choices.

Talked to my in-jail son twice today.

Stopped by my daughter’s work to say hi to her.

Picked up reserves from my home branch of the library.

Smoothie King to finally get some food.

Had lovely text conversations with multiple people.

Brought everything in so I didn’t leave my car messy.

Listened to the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack with Kepler in the car every minute. Especially song number 2, “Gitchi Gitchi Goo Means that I Love you.”

Stuck to my eating plan. (wonder of wonders)

Found another alanon meeting to attend this week.

Made curriculum adjustments to the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds program while I was working with Kepler.

Figured out the best way to get from the library to the swim class without getting into the afternoon rush hour traffic.

Wore clothing that matched.

i don’t know. That might be all. I know. Lazybones. (just kidding).

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