The Universe has Spoken

Three times I attempted to edit a post I had started a few weeks ago. Three times this evening. After I couldn’t actually update the post the third time, I took that to mean I was to write a different post tonight.

Today we got our carpets cleaned by a relative of mine who does this on the side and has for 35 years. My mom had mentioned that he had done her carpets and the price had been dirt cheap. 

From that sentence, I created an entire reality about what the price was, what I would most likely pay, what carpets in her house were cleaned by him, and the approximate time to the past in which this had occurred.

I guess I do this pretty often, construct a reality of my own creation without the actual facts. 

As it happened, the price he charged me was certainly fair, but much more than I was expecting. As it happened, he only cleaned one room in her house. As it happened, this took place many years ago. 

I see this often in myself, where I think I understand something immediately when actually I’m jumping to all kinds of conclusions. Before I was aware of this, I wonder if it was an obnoxious trait, or if people just let me go on with my little fiction story, figuring I’d realize sooner or later that what I was saying was so not based in fact. 

I am learning to listen better but it is definitely a challenge to really give the speaker my attention and remember to ask questions! I love asking questions! Making assumptions is an area where I see much room for growth and improvement! 

Because you know they say when you assume, it makes an ass out of u and me, but I think mostly it makes an ass out of the one who does the assuming, which in this case, is me. Note to self: work on seeking first to understand before thinking you understand. 

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